Biographical & Personal Information
Name: Coollogo com-22412816
Apparent Age: Middle age Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Unknown
Nationality: African American
Relatives: Wife (Spouse)
Weaponry: None
Hobbies: Drinking Beer


Hair Color: None (Bald)
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Deceased
Cause Of Death: Impaled in the stomach by one of the monsters
Role: Minor Character
Character Information
Appearance: Feast
Portrayed By: Anthony "Treach" Criss

"Go home kiss my wife and go back on the front line!"

-Vet talking to Bartender

Vet, is a minor character who first appeared in Feast,while having problems in his life,Vet decides to visit the

Vet at the bar with Harley Mom & Bozo

tavern and have a couple of drinks. Bartender tries to cheer him up & ask Vet what he plans to do after he leaves the tavern, Vet replies "Go home kiss my wife and go back on the front line!' Bartender then gives him a hand shake telling him that's the spirited.While Vet was sitting down eating at the bar, a strange man cover in blood  address as "Hero" comes barraging in the tavern with a shotgun.Thinking that he came to robbed the place,Bartender and Harley Mom quickly withdraw their guns, Hero shows no harm and warns the bar patrons that strange monsters are approaching the tavern, not taking him seriously Hero shows them the head of one of the monsters and describes what they are capable of.

Vet being impale by the monster.

He then advises someone to contact help right away, suddenly a monster pulls him through the window and decapitated his head. Vet was shocked by this & couldn't move, Heroine came in, Vet suggest to her to get out of tavern quickly but it was too late since the monsters have arrived.Everyone starts panicking and hide,Heroine notice her husband's corpse and sees the monster through the window, she begs someone to help her barricaded the window with a table. Vet rushes to her help but the monster pushes Heroine down & impales Vet through his stomach and drops dead on top of Heroine.After the commotion,Vet's body along with other dead patrons were thrown in the basement.